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Companies care about LGBT and BLM?

It’s interesting to watch when corporations adjust to agenda. When the month of LGBT then most of the companies in LinkedIn repaint their logo in rainbow colors. In 2020 a lot of companies repainted their logo to the black color. But whether or not they care about these people? Let’s Read more…


#though. Small company = snobbery?

The smaller company, which loves to talk about their greatness, the more snobbery, arrogance, and incompetence staff has. This is tested by time. I am sure you know these kinds of companies and people. What can you do? Nothing. Just stay away from this sort of garbage, and your life Read more…


DJ Meow is available on Mac

A little gaming app for little kids is available for iPad and macOS already. Now kids can play anywhere and anytime. On the Mac, children can play on full screen. Email me via feedback on the App Store if you have any suggestions or wishes. That is one bundle. Thus, Read more…


Gamemory — improve your kid’s memory

Improve memory of kids under 5 years old with Augmented Reality. This game is for 2 people — one of the parents and little wunderkind. The adult opens every square and lets the kid remember it. After that, closes and asks the kid what kind of thing under the exact Read more…


Quntact — save your time!

How to scan the business card into your contacts? Simply tap a button and add all information from a business card to your iPhone. With this app, you won’t have manually to record data from business cards. Scan any card, and the app will help you to save that information Read more…


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